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Return on Investment
for International Educators

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Join us in New Orleans!

Two co-creators of ROIie will present Measuring ROI: A Working Model on Wed, 9 Nov at 3:30p, at NAFSA's Bi-Regional Conference. (Download the handout.)

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ROIie co-creators will present at the NAFSA Regional Conference in Philadelphia on Wed, 16 Nov at 2p, and at AIRC in Miami, 1 Dec at 11a.

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View this new 25-minute video for insights into measuring ROI with this ROIie tool: "Reckoning over Impracticalities."

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If you'd like us to guide you through this ROI modeling process, we're available for consultations. Let us know how we can help!

The Goals of "Return on Investment for International Educators"

This site emerged from demand of colleagues within international education

who recognize that ROI metrics extend well beyond numbers with dollar signs in front of them.


This model poses a very real risk of oversimplifying the complexity of measuring ROI in international student recruitment. Our goal here is to provide a tool where each higher education institution is the master of her own outcome. The institution is responsible for the raw data that goes into the tool -- however that institution chooses to do that, consistently over time. Because the model is designed for internal analysis, please resist the temptation to compare your institution with others when using this tool.

Typical Quantitative
Input Variables

Monetary Costs
* Salaries
* Student Assistants
* Office Operations + Supplies
* Information Technology (IT)
* Memberships
* Subscriptions + Webinars
* Marketing + Communications
* Travel + Conferences
* Commissions + Fees
* Scholarships
* Other

Costs in Time
* Total Hours Spent
* % Base Operations
* Number of Markets
* % for each Market
* Hours per Market
* Opportunity Costs

New Students
* New Freshman
* New Transfer
* Partnership Students
* New Graduate

Typical Quantitative
Output Variables

Initial Revenue (Year 1)
* Tuition + Fees (ESL)
* Tuition + Fees (Undergrad)
* Tuition + Fees (Grad)
* Room + Board

Auxiliary Revenue (Years 1+)
* Tuition + Fees (ESL)
* Tuition + Fees (Undergrad)
* Tuition + Fees (Grad)
* Room + Board
* Parental Donations
* Alumni Donations
* Other

Non-Revenue Outputs
* Other

Quantifiably-Elusive Variables

* Top-level support
* "Sufficient" budget
* Well-defined strategy
* Prestige factor
* Word-of-mouth referrals
* Currency fluctuations
* Visa policy fluctuations
* Academic program relevance
* Faculty involvement
* Partnerships
* Alumni relations
* Efficiency of operations
* Diversification of student body

"When you re-read a classic, you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in yourself than there was before."

Clifton Fadiman, editor and critic (1904-1999)